Meriden to Millisons Wood Temporary Cycle Lanes


The proposed scheme starts in Millisons Wood (Borough boundary) and follows the B4104 Birmingham Road into Meriden Village Centre.

Working together with the Parish Council, the proposed scheme responds to concerns regarding the existing on-carriageway cycling provision, which owing to the narrow cycle lanes currently provided, compared to the total width of highway carriageway, encourages high vehicle speeds and therefore acts as deterrent to cycling.

The Parish and Solihull Council's are of the shared opinion that through the reallocation of the road space that will afford cyclists greater space alongside the physical introduction of light segregation measures then a lasting mode shift towards cycling could be realised. In addition to the above, special measures at known conflict points; mini roundabouts, side roads junctions are also envisaged and these will be aligned with published best practice.

Meriden to Millisons Wood Temporary Cycle Lanes

Enhancement to existing and provision of new temporary cycle lanes from Millisons Wood to Meriden Village

This engagement phase has finished, check out the responses

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