Knowle to Solihull Town Centre Temporary Cycle Lanes


The proposed scheme commences in Knowle Village Centre and travels in a predominately north-westerly direction following closely the Warwick Road corridor and into the heart of the retail and commercial area of Solihull Town Centre.

We are looking to link and widen the existing cycle lanes along the A4141 Warwick Road which will then transition into a two-way cycle lane. On Warwick Road north of the M42 we are looking to construct a two-way cycle lane on the former Warwick Road alignment which retains its previous carriageway widths (9.0m +) but the environment is now considerably less trafficked thereby allowing greater provision for cyclists.

As the route enters Solihull Town Centre adjacent to Solihull School there are two options are being considered for onward journeys. The use of New Road towards the Council House or alternatively continue ahead along the B4102 to Mill Lane. We would welcome your views on these two options.

Knowle to Solihull Town Centre Temporary Cycle Lanes

Temporary cycle lanes along the Warwick Road Corridor from Knowle Village to Solihull Town Centre, incorporating light segregation and junction / route enhancements

This engagement phase has finished, check out the responses

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